Karen A.
Submitted 09/01/22
Dr. Husain is an excellent clinician. She is also easy to talk with..a very kind person. Our visits never seem rushed.

Steven A.
Submitted 08/10/22
My appointment with Dr Bernas today was great! She is very thorough and patient. Covered all of my concerns and I never felt rushed. It is a very comfortable atmosphere at Dr. Aimee & Associates and the staff is wonderful as well. I always feel I am in very good hands.

Carla F.
Submitted 08/02/22
Excellent care. Dr. Bernas is very thorough and knowledgeable. Everyone I encountered was friendly and professional. I would recommend Dr. Bernas and the practice to anyone.

Paul D.
Submitted 06/23/22
Very informative, professional yet personal in that they truly go in depth to learn about ME. That is not common in the medical field

Basma A.
Submitted 05/31/22
I love dr Hussain she’s pleasant understanding kind she hears me I feel she cares and takes her time to understand me personally she always do her best to give me right medication and recommend tms. I trust her I trust her so much i brought my mom and my sister to see Dr Hussain. She helped me so much with my depression my anxiety it’s been rough for me sometimes but I truly feel she is the best Dr I have ever seen. Thank you for everything Dr.

Joshua J.
Submitted 05/05/22
Dr. Husain is very pleasant to talk with and her feedback is encouraging and actionable. She has been very helpful to me and my overall wellness.

Basma A.
Submitted 04/24/22
Kind understanding patient trust worthy I appreciate dr hussain very much. I’m not just another patient I’m real that’s how I feel when I see her I matter I leave office feel she helped a lot and she listens to me thank you so much Dr.

Dianne L.
Submitted 03/25/22
Dr. Bernas is always very thorough and concerned about my health. She is an excellent doctor. Dianne

Sara B.
Submitted 03/24/22
I am a new patient and participating in the Peak Wellness program, along with support from a therapist. The amount of support and education I have received so far has been substantial. I’ve never had so much hope before, when it comes to believing that I may actually be able to change my lifelong patterns of compulsive overeating and yo yo dieting. I am in the process of learning not only how to eat differently, but also how to value my health, wellness, and my self in ways I never have before. This is not a quick or easy journey. But the support I’m receiving from the group of Drs. at the CIFHH – who are my biggest champions – makes me believe that I can do this! All it takes is a willingness from the patient and a desire to change, and they have the systems in place to show you how! Your success is almost guaranteed. If you’re ready to make the investment in your own health and happiness and start on a path to a different future, this is the program you should be working with!

Leota T.
Submitted 03/14/22
Doctors working with me to try and improve my health by doing it naturally rather than with drugs

Idris E.
Submitted 03/10/22
I am very satisfied with my visit. It was extremely informative. I learned a great deal. I appreciate the information I received, and will be following through on my action items. I am grateful for Dr. Aimee’s time and generosity with sharing new perspectives and insights on stem cell research that will assist my son and his plight with autism. She is wonderful.

Sejal D.
Submitted 03/10/22
Professional, organized, respectful, empathetic, helpful doctor and staff

Arita S.
Submitted 03/01/22
Caring thorough encouraging educational

Julian C.
Submitted 02/23/22
Dr Noor Husain took the time to listen and asked the right questions. I appreciate her listening and understanding.

Tara P.
Submitted 02/23/22
Dr Husain has really helped me control my anxiety. She is compassionate, thorough, and ready to try new therapies if something isn’t working. Highly recommend!

Daniel R.
Submitted 02/18/22
Very professional organization. Answers all pertinent concerns regarding sytomology. Highly recommended !

Carmen Maritza P.
Submitted 02/03/22
Me gusto , por el interés al paciente

Aimee H.
Submitted 02/02/22
Always an excellent experience and top notch care.

Arita S.
Submitted 01/28/22
Confidential, professional, thorough

Colleen H.
Submitted 01/27/22

Jack P.
Submitted 01/14/22
Aimee is one of the best therapists around. I’ve worked with several others and she’s by far helped me the most.

Melanie S.
Submitted 01/06/22
Dr Bernas is always helpful. She answers my questions and doesn’t talk down to me. She give me several alternatives on how we can help me and it makes me feel much better.

Angela C.
Submitted 12/27/21

Kristin S.
Submitted 12/21/21
It was informative

Sheila Marie F.
Submitted 12/18/21
Im very comfortable w/ Dra.Eliza Bernas as my Doctor,she good and nice Doctor. for me

Thomas A.
Submitted 12/15/21

Barbara S.
Submitted 12/03/21
Great practice! Everyone is so nice

Leslie O.
Submitted 11/23/21
Doctor Bernas spends time with you. You can have a an actual conversation where you both ask questions and receive a response. The appointments are very unhurried!

Kim R.
Submitted 11/23/21
Dr. Bernas always takes plenty of time to discuss health issues and concerns with me.

Teresa B.
Submitted 11/19/21
I am so grateful for the team at CIFHW. The work Dr Alicia and Denise have done in conjunction with stem cell therapy from Dr. Bernas, has been nothing short of a miracle. I have experienced major pain relief and am gaining range of motion weekly in my neck, shoulders and back. Thank you!!!

Skyler V.
Submitted 11/14/21
Dr Bernas was very nice and made me feel comfortable.

Jack P.
Submitted 10/25/21
Dr. Alicia Vulchev is an awesome chiropractor and been helping me undo years of bad posture. So far have made good progress.

Ali H.
Submitted 10/15/21
Doctors are willing to work with you

Aimee H.
Submitted 10/11/21
Love, love, love Dr. Bernas! She’s the best physician I’ve ever worked with.

Sophia R.
Submitted 10/08/21
Dr. Husain is a great doctor. She is compassionate and takes time to listen to you. I have been seeing her for a few years and am very satisfied with her care. I am disappointed though with the admin staff. It is impossible to reach someone when calling. I ran out of my prescription and called for three days with 0 response. The mailbox was full for prescription refills. Dr. Husain informed me to use to portal, which I’ll do moving forward, but still…what about billing questions? What about calling to say you’re running late to an appointment? Just very frustrating. I couldn’t recall if my appointment was in person or telehealth, but since no one picks up their phone, I was unable to get through to ask.

Nina I.
Submitted 09/25/21
Been to quite a few chiropractors over the years and Dr. Vulchev is simply brilliant, the best care you will ever find, I promise!!