Since the 15th century, drinking coffee has been a way of life for people all across the globe.

Coffee has many benefits including weight loss, making you smarter, providing you with healthy antioxidants and making you happier. So, why do you still crash after drinking it?

Even though you get a surge of focus and energy from coffee, there are still times when you are at a loss of energy. Coffee crash may bring you down as much as coffee brings you up.

What causes coffee crash?

It is customary to add sugar cubes and milk in your coffee mug to lessen the coffee’s bitterness. Unfortunately, the negative effect of drinking coffee is actually a result of the sugar you consume. High sugar consumption, especially for sweet-toothed people, causes feelings of lethargy.

Another way to get a coffee crash is through adrenal fatigue. Coffee triggers the body’s “fight or flight” response for extended periods of time. This causes feelings of tiredness but there is still no conclusive research to confirm its validity.

There are also days when we drink too much coffee. Over-consuming coffee can also make you feel tired although all the factors should be taken into consideration; health, age, amount of sleep and sensitivity to caffeine.

So, here are simple ways to avoid coffee crash and supercharge your coffee.

The Best Beans

There are coffee brands that buy their beans from a chain of wholesalers and distributors then they combine the beans in a way they see fit. This is why it’s hard to maintain high standards when the beans come from different farms with a lot of people in the supply chain. Make sure the coffee beans you buy are of the highest quality so do some online research on the coffee you drink.

Molds growing on coffee beans have also been attributed to causing coffee crash. Making sure your coffee is mold-free is also a way to avoid disease. Bulletproof coffee is an example of coffee that does not contain mold. It also comes from a single origin and is free from all the mold toxins.

Unsalted Grass Fed Butter

If you want to supercharge your coffee, this butter is way better than normal, salted butter from grain fed cows. Cows that eat grass instead of grains produce milk that is turned into butter. This butter has become an essential component of supercharged coffee. Adding normal butter or margarine to your coffee will not produce the same effect as unsalted butter. Adding butter as a substitute for milk and sugar provides healthy fats for your body and mind. It is a great source of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which helps you burn fat and lose weight. It is also a fantastic source of Vitamin K and it’ll make your coffee taste delicious.


Medium chain triglycerides (MCT) are fatty acids found in coconut oil. These fatty acids help you lose weight, improve your skin, relieve your stress and improve your digestion. MCT oil contains the most amount of beneficial fatty acids and is odorless and tasteless. These factors make it a great addition to your morning coffee. MCT has also been said (found not said) to improve brain performance and prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia. It creates a synergistic effect when mixed with mold-free bulletproof coffee. If you do not have readily available MCT, you can simply pour a tablespoon of organic coconut oil into your cup of coffee.

Lastly, don’t forget to mix your supercharged coffee with a powerful blender. By doing so, you make a perfect blend of coffee, butter and MCT.

Create your own supercharged coffee today!

Aimee Harris-Newon, Psy.D., D.A.B.P.S., C.Ht


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