Sugar can be as addictive as heroin when it comes to the human brain.

High levels of blood sugar cause diabetes. When you look at diabetes and obesity rates, it shows how quickly the sugar problem goes out of control. Fortunately, people are becoming more aware of the health benefits of lowering sugar intake. Of course, it’s not easy to let go of sugar. Letting go of your favorite sweets may be harder than you think.

Here’s how to detoxify your body from sugar in ten days.

Make a decision

Do you experience bloating, gas, joint or muscle pain, memory or mood problems, brain fog, and allergies? Is your body screaming for a break? It’s time to make a stand against your unhealthy lifestyle. Starting your detox from sugar can be challenging because you may be accustomed to a lifestyle of indulgence, but it takes the right mindset to set your body on a path to healthy living. Once you start, make sure to follow through till the end… even if it’s just for ten days. After being sugar-free for ten days, your body will be at its lightest.
Cold Turkey

There is no better way to quit than to stop altogether. Drug addicts can’t have one hit a day. Alcoholics can’t have one drink a day either. It is important you go cold turkey on sugar. If you remove sugar from your diet, you will automatically reset your body’s neurotransmitters and hormones.

Stop yourself from consuming all forms of sugar, flour products, and artificial sweeteners because they will only increase your cravings and slow your metabolism. Consuming sugar leads to fat storage if you don’t exercise. Get rid of any hydrogenated fats and MSG. Ideally, in your ten days of detox, avoid all food packaged in boxes or cans. Stick to whole, real, natural and fresh food.
Don’t drink your calories

One 20-ounce can of soda has 15 teaspoons of sugar. Don’t drink sodas or processed juices. Sugary drinks are non-negotiable. Steer clear of anything sweetened. That includes sports drinks, bottled juices and sweetened tea or coffee. Remember, any form of liquid sugar is worse than solid when it comes to sugar or flour.

Protein Power

Protein in every meal is the key to balancing your blood sugar, insulin levels, and cravings. Start your days with whole farm eggs or protein shakes. For regular meals, nuts, eggs, fish, chicken, and grass-fed meat are excellent sources of protein.

Eat the right carbs

Eat as many carbs as you like as long as they are good carbs. Vegetables are carbs, so eat as much as you want. Non-starchy veggies or anything in the broccoli family is the best. Here’s a quick list of greens to add to your diet for the next ten days.

– cauliflower

– kale

– collards

– asparagus

– green beans

– mushrooms

– onions

– zucchini

– tomatoes

– fennel

– eggplant

– artichokes

– peppers

Fight sugar with healthy fats

Fat is necessary for fuelling your cells. Your body needs fat because it makes you full and balances your blood sugar. Along with protein, eat good fats at every meal. Omega-3 fats from fish, extra virgin olive oil, coconut butter, and avocados are great selections to add to your meals.
Quit gluten and dairy

The most common culprits causing inflammation are gluten and dairy. Studies show inflammation triggers blood sugar imbalances, insulin resistance and pre-diabetes symptoms leading to type-2 diabetes. Once you go 2 or 3 days without gluten and dairy, you’ll have renewed energy and relief from cravings.
Emergency food pack

Whenever you’re traveling, or you find yourself in a place filled with fast food and vending machines, it’s best to have snacks with you. An emergency food pack with all the protein, good fats, and healthy snacks is the perfect thing for you. Here are some snacks you can put in your food pack:

– almonds, walnuts and pumpkin seeds

– salmon or turkey jerky

– wild salmon or sardines

– unsweetened wild berries

– packets of artisana nut and coconut butter

Get a good night’s sleep

To maintain a healthy condition, you need to get enough sleep. Healthy people always go to sleep early. When you get less sleep, you increase your carb and sugar cravings because the lack of sleep affects your appetite hormones. Your body needs more energy if you don’t sleep so it’ll ask for more by increasing your appetite. Sleep is the best way to avoid overeating so make sure you sleep your cravings and weight away.

Are you up for the challenge?

Again, it starts with a decision. Your conviction will set the tone for the next ten days.

Take sugar away and gain the health your body needs!

Aimee Harris-Newon, Psy.D., D.A.B.P.S., C.Ht


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