With the start of 2014 comes a new set of goals and resolutions. Do you need help shedding those extra pounds, quitting smoking or reducing stress?

Dr. Aimee Harris-Newon is a certified clinical hypnotherapist who can assist you in ridding the habits listed above. She also uses hypnosis for a wide variety of other common applications. Find out more about the many uses for hypnosis:

What is hypnosis? 

Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation or focused concentration where the subconscious is accessed. It’s used to reset the mind to achieve your goals, as individuals are highly responsive to suggestion during this time.

What is hypnosis capable of?

Hypnosis can bring about a desired change, improvement or transformation. It can help you become sharper and more mentally aware; achieve goals, stop smoking, lose weight, overcome dependencies and conquer fears; reach your full potential at home or work; and/or bring about dramatic change and self-improvement. Hypnosis is the most powerful way to change the way your mind experiences things in your everyday world.

How long will the effects of hypnosis last?

They last as long as you choose. By experiencing hypnosis, you’ve taken the first step in recognizing something can be improved. After entering hypnosis and relaxing, you choose to embrace the change and new way of learning through new behaviors, beliefs and habits.

Why will hypnosis work better than failed programs I’ve tried?

The other programs may have only masked or treated the symptom and didn’t go directly to the core of the problem or issue. Hypnosis fixes the problem, so you don’t have to chase the symptom anymore. It helps people take back control of their mind, and thus their life.

What does the American Medical Association say about hypnosis?

In 1959, hypnosis was recognized by the AMA as a legitimate method for applications in both medicine and dentistry. Since then, it’s become a highly-respected and sought after method to alleviate a number of conditions, as well as managing habits and relieving stress.

What else can hypnosis be used for?

Aside from overcoming bad habits, hypnosis can also help with severe depression and anxiety, emotional distress, traumas, emergency situations, stress management, confidence building, pain control, performance enhancement and more.

Visit www.renew-you-hypnosis.com for more information or call Dr. Aimee & Associates at (630) 980-1400 to schedule your appointment and start 2014 with a new you!

By: Aimee Harris-Newon, Psy.D., D.A.B.P.S., C.Ht.


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